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My MLK Project Could Beat Up Your MLK Project

Paul Greengrass is reportedly considering an MLK drama he’s written called Memphis, which would be produced by Scott Rudin. I’m told it’s by no means definite, but if Vulture’s scoop happens — it will happen fast, and will be done down and dirty like Greengrass’s United 93. It could push him past several percolating MLK projects, including: Lee Daniels’ Selma; a Ronald Harwood-scripted drama at DreamWorks that has Steven Spielberg producing and is authorized by MLK’s estate; and the HBO mini that Harpo Films is doing based on Taylor Branch’s book trilogy. There is also the film Wesley Snipes signed on to produce (before heading to prison) about J. Edgar Hoover’s campaign to discredit MLK…


I just enjoyed the ridiculous tone of this article. Everybody is racing to trump each other with a 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. movie. MARTIN LUTHER KING HAS NEVER BEEN HOTTER!!

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